GoodEarth group comprises of various manufacturing, mining and trading companies. The group has manufacturing presence in India and South Africa. The various group concerns are:

  • Universal Traders (1971, India)
  • BSS Mines & Minerals (P) Ltd (2004, India)
  • GoodEarth AgroChem (P) Ltd (2005, India)
  • GoodEarth MinChem (P)Ltd (2008, India)
  • GoodRock ChemWorks Pty Ltd (2015, South Africa)

These companies effectively operate in Manganese and mineral-based inorganic chemical products. These products find diverse applications in industries across the globe:

  • Additive for welding flux
  • Micro-nutrient for fertilizers
  • Trace element for animal feed pre-mixtures
  • Manufacture of Mancozeb (fungicide)
  • Manufacture of Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide (EMD)
  • Manufacture of Electrolytic Manganese Metal (EMM)
  • Manufacture of Potassium Permanganate
  • Manufacture of Para-anisic aldehyde
  • Purification of potable water
  • Additive for colouring pigments


The group has over 45 years of standing, and has vast experience in Manganese and Manganese-based chemicals. GoodEarth group is an outcome of foresight; indeed, as far back as 1971, when even the seeds of liberalization had not been sown. Expanding the organisation safely, and in an environmentally responsible way has an enormous significance to the promoters. This has helped the group broaden its horizons beyond precincts.

Several companies have been registered over a period of four decades - each with the intent of tapping into an emerging potential. That these ventures have been immensely successful was on account of a number of factors including sustained hard work, financial acumen, uncompromising integrity and fortuitous location.

Providentially, Nagpur - where the Group has its genesis - and its surrounding areas in Central India have rich deposits of Manganese Ore, Coal and other minerals. While mining and exporting was possibly the easiest way out, in a fine example of business acumen, the GoodEarth Group added value to the raw material. This had two very desirable effects. The value-addition helped extend the life of the mine and the final product generated a higher return on investment.

Universal Traders (UT) marks the beginning of the group in 1971, originally trading in jaggery, timber, coal, naptha etc., UT continues modest trading operations till date.

BSS Mines and Minerals Pvt. Ltd. (BSS) has been in the business of Manganese mining and processing for several years. BSS owned and operated two Manganese Ore Mines in Chhindwara District (Madhya Pradesh State) and supplied the produce to various alloy manufacturers in India. In the interest of ecology, these mines have been voluntarily closed. Since 2004, BSS owns and operates a Manganese Oxide and Manganese Dioxide manufacturing facility in Yerla (Nagpur District, Maharashtra State).

GoodEarth AgroChem Pvt. Ltd (GAPL) has set up three Manganese processing units since 2005. The first of these was set up at Brahamanwada (Nagpur District, Maharashtra State) for manufacturing Manganese Oxide and Manganese Dioxide. The Brahamanwada Unit is FAMI-QS certified by BVQI and ISO 9001:2015 certified by SGS. To further consolidate its position GAPL went in for forward integration by setting up a facility for manufacture of Manganese Sulphate Solution and Monohydrate at Sarigam (Valsad District, Gujarat State). This facility supplies the base material for the manufacture of Mancozeb, a popular fungicide. The third manufacturing unit has been setup in Saoner M.I.D.C. (Nagpur District, Maharashtra State) to add to the existing capacity for manufacturing Manganese Oxide and Manganese Dioxide. The Saoner Unit is also FAMI-QS certified by BVQI and ISO 9001:2015 certified by SGS; making GAPL the only manufacturer in India with two independent FAMI-QS and ISO 9001 certified manufacturing units for Manganese Oxide. The produce from all these units fulfils demand generated from both the domestic, as well as overseas markets.

GoodEarth MinChem Pvt. Ltd (GMPL) is the second youngest group company. GMPL owns and operates a manufacturing unit for Manganese Sulphate Solution in Jhagadia G.I.D.C. (Bharuch District, Gujarat State). This state of the art facility is the largest of its kind in India, and this capacity addition makes GoodEarth Group the largest producer of Manganese Sulphate Solution in India.

GoodRock ChemWorks Pty. Ltd. (GRC) is the latest addition to the GoodEarth group. The operations at GoodRock ChemWorks include a state-of-the-art, fully automated, Manganese Oxide calciner located in BlackRock in the Northern Cape, South Africa. This calciner processes Manganese Ore sourced from various major mines in the Kalahari basin. The facility was designed and built by skilled engineers and commissioned in 2003, and acquired by GoodEarth in 2014. Acquisition of this facility makes GoodEarth the largest producer-seller of Manganese Oxide in the world. This facility is FAMI-QS and ISO 9001:2015 certified by BVQI; further making GoodEarth the only manufacturer of Manganese Oxide with three independent FAMI-QS and ISO 9001 certified facilities across India and South Africa.