GoodEarth (branded as GoodRock in Africa) is an India-headquartered business group comprised of various wholly-owned manufacturing, trading and mining companies that are active in Manganese and mineral-based inorganic chemical products. Our products find application across industries - ranging from agro-chemicals and animal feed, to water purification and colouring pigments. In little over a decade, GoodEarth has earned tremendous respect and goodwill, domestically as well as internationally. We truly have a global presence, both in terms of manufacturing facilities as well as markets, with customers located across six continents.

GoodEarth today has become synonymous with quality and commitment, because we have a vision; a vision to provide all our customers with superlative and quality product at the right price; a vision to be the backbone of the industries we serve. A vision to promote green earth, clean earth, GoodEarth… and we welcome you to come share this vision.